Wonderful small motel

This was a wonderful place to stay, we even got upgraded! The owner was so kind, he even sent us to a “locals” hiking spot. It was tough! Great view though. We were brought up to our room to make sure everything was ok.

Stephanie S – TripAdvisor

Welcome to the Pony…we’re glad you’re interested in staying here!

FROM SALT LAKE CITY, UT 4 hours 44 minutes / 273.74 miles  

  1. Start out going NORTS/CESAR E CHAVEZ BLVD/W 5TH S/UT-269 W. Continue to follow UT-269 W. 0.8 mi
  2. H on E 400 S/UNIVERSITY BLVD/US-89 N toward S MAIN ST. Continue to follow US-89 N. 0.2 mi
  3. Turn LEFT onto S WEST TEMPLE/UT-270. 0.1 mi
  4. Turn RIGHT onto W 500 Merge onto I-15 S/I-80 E toward LAS VEGAS/CHEYENNE. 2.4 mi
  5. Merge onto I-80 E via EXIT 304 toward CHEYENNE (Crossing into WYOMING). 80.0 mi
  6. Take the WY-150 exit, EXIT 5, toward WY-89 N/FRONT ST. 0.3 mi
  7. Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the FRONT ST ramp toward WY-89 N. 0.0 mi
  8. Turn LEFT onto WY-150 N. 0.5 mi
  9. Turn RIGHT onto WY-89 (Crossing into UTAH). 12.1 mi
  10. WY-89 becomes UT-16. 29.0 mi
  11. Turn RIGHT onto UT-30 (Crossing into WYOMING). 3.9 mi
  12. UT-30 becomes WY-89. 4.2 mi
  13. Turn LEFT onto US-30/WY-89. 29.6 mi
  14. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT. 0.2 mi
  15. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto WY-89 (Crossing into IDAHO). 9.4 mi
  16. WY-89 becomes ID-61. 0.7 mi
  17. Turn RIGHT onto US-89 (Crossing into WYOMING). 65.3 mi
  18. Turn RIGHT onto US-26/US-89. 34.8 mi
  19. 1075 W BROADWAY is on the LEFT.

FROM DENVER, CO: 8 hours 14 minutes / 529.03 miles  

  1. Start out going SOUTH on SHERMAN ST toward E COLFAX AVE/I-70 BL/US-287/US-40. 0.0 mi
  2. Turn RIGHT onto E COLFAX AVE/I-70 BL W/US-287 W/US-40 W. 0.1 mi
  3. Turn RIGHT onto LINCOLN ST. 0.5 mi
  4. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto 20TH ST. 1.2 mI
  5. Merge onto I-25 N/US-87 N toward FT COLLINS (Crossing into WYOMING). 96.1 mi
  6. Merge onto I-80 W via EXIT 8B toward LARAMIE. 143.7
  7. Merge onto I-80 BL W/US-287 N/US-30 BL W via EXIT 215 toward WY-789/RAWLINS. 1.1 mi
  8. Turn RIGHT onto N HIGLEY BLVD/US-287 BYP. Continue to follow US-287 BYP. 1.6 mi
  9. Turn RIGHT onto US-287/WY-789. 42.4 miI
  10. Turn LEFT to stay on US-287/WY-789. 72.2 mi
  11. Turn RIGHT onto US-287/WY-789. Continue to follow US-287. 40.1 mi
  12. Turn LEFT onto US-26/US-287. 43.1 mi
  13. Turn LEFT onto W RAMSHORN ST/US-26/US-287. Continue to follow US-26. 85.7 mi
  14. Turn RIGHT onto W BROADWAY AVE/W BROADWAY/US-189/US-191/US-26/US-89. 1.3 mi
  15. 1075 W BROADWAY is on the RIGHT.

FROM BOISE, ID 5 hours 40 minutes / 368.01 miles  

  1. Start out going SOUTHEAST on W GROVE ST toward S 6TH ST. 0.0 mi
  2. Turn RIGHT onto S 6TH ST. 0.2 mi
  3. Turn LEFT onto W MYRTLE ST/US-20 E/US-26 E. 0.6 mi
  4. Turn RIGHT onto S BROADWAY AVE/US-20/US-26. 2.8 mi
  5. Merge onto I-84 E via the ramp on the LEFT toward MOUNTAIN HOME/TWIN FALLS. 166.9 mi
  6. Merge onto I-86 E via the exit on the LEFT toward I-15/POCATELLO. 62.6 mi
  7. Merge onto I-15 N via EXIT 63B on the LEFT toward BLACKFOOT/IDAHO FALLS. 46.5 mi
  8. Take the I-15-BL/US-20-BR exit, EXIT 118, toward US-20 W/HISTORIC DOWNTOWN. 0.2 mi
  9. Turn RIGHT onto W BROADWAY ST/I-15 BL/US-20 BR. 0.8 mi
  10. Turn LEFT onto N YELLOWSTONE HWY/US-20 BR/US-26. Continue to follow US-26 W. 43.3 mi
  11. Turn LEFT onto ID-31. 20.9 mi
  12. Turn RIGHT onto S MAIN ST/ID-33. Continue to follow ID-33 (Crossing into WYOMING). 5.4 mi
  13. ID-33 becomes WY-22. 17.6 mi
  14. Turn LEFT onto W BROADWAY/W BROADWAY AVE/US-189/US-191/US-26/US-89. 0.1 mi
  15. 1075 W BROADWAY is on the LEFT.

Overnight in Jackson

We spent one night here in our way to Yellowstone. The gentleman at the front desk was great when we checked in and out. He walked us to our room for check in to make sure that we were settled. The room was what I imagined a western town room should look like. We loved it. We had a family room with bunk beds and my grown kids had fun with them.

Hixson, Tennessee – TripAdvisor

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