Wonderful place!

This was the perfect place to stay for a few nights while going through Jackson Hole. The staff was very friendly, and helpful. The rooms were clean and well sized. It was a very comfortable place to stay. Not far from downtown Jackson Hole at all either!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – TripAdvisor

Welcome to the Pony…we’re glad you’re interested in staying here!

FROM SALT LAKE CITY, UT 4 hours 44 minutes / 273.74 miles  

  1. Start out going NORTS/CESAR E CHAVEZ BLVD/W 5TH S/UT-269 W. Continue to follow UT-269 W. 0.8 mi
  2. H on E 400 S/UNIVERSITY BLVD/US-89 N toward S MAIN ST. Continue to follow US-89 N. 0.2 mi
  3. Turn LEFT onto S WEST TEMPLE/UT-270. 0.1 mi
  4. Turn RIGHT onto W 500 Merge onto I-15 S/I-80 E toward LAS VEGAS/CHEYENNE. 2.4 mi
  5. Merge onto I-80 E via EXIT 304 toward CHEYENNE (Crossing into WYOMING). 80.0 mi
  6. Take the WY-150 exit, EXIT 5, toward WY-89 N/FRONT ST. 0.3 mi
  7. Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the FRONT ST ramp toward WY-89 N. 0.0 mi
  8. Turn LEFT onto WY-150 N. 0.5 mi
  9. Turn RIGHT onto WY-89 (Crossing into UTAH). 12.1 mi
  10. WY-89 becomes UT-16. 29.0 mi
  11. Turn RIGHT onto UT-30 (Crossing into WYOMING). 3.9 mi
  12. UT-30 becomes WY-89. 4.2 mi
  13. Turn LEFT onto US-30/WY-89. 29.6 mi
  14. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT. 0.2 mi
  15. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto WY-89 (Crossing into IDAHO). 9.4 mi
  16. WY-89 becomes ID-61. 0.7 mi
  17. Turn RIGHT onto US-89 (Crossing into WYOMING). 65.3 mi
  18. Turn RIGHT onto US-26/US-89. 34.8 mi
  19. 1075 W BROADWAY is on the LEFT.

FROM DENVER, CO: 8 hours 14 minutes / 529.03 miles  

  1. Start out going SOUTH on SHERMAN ST toward E COLFAX AVE/I-70 BL/US-287/US-40. 0.0 mi
  2. Turn RIGHT onto E COLFAX AVE/I-70 BL W/US-287 W/US-40 W. 0.1 mi
  3. Turn RIGHT onto LINCOLN ST. 0.5 mi
  4. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto 20TH ST. 1.2 mI
  5. Merge onto I-25 N/US-87 N toward FT COLLINS (Crossing into WYOMING). 96.1 mi
  6. Merge onto I-80 W via EXIT 8B toward LARAMIE. 143.7
  7. Merge onto I-80 BL W/US-287 N/US-30 BL W via EXIT 215 toward WY-789/RAWLINS. 1.1 mi
  8. Turn RIGHT onto N HIGLEY BLVD/US-287 BYP. Continue to follow US-287 BYP. 1.6 mi
  9. Turn RIGHT onto US-287/WY-789. 42.4 miI
  10. Turn LEFT to stay on US-287/WY-789. 72.2 mi
  11. Turn RIGHT onto US-287/WY-789. Continue to follow US-287. 40.1 mi
  12. Turn LEFT onto US-26/US-287. 43.1 mi
  13. Turn LEFT onto W RAMSHORN ST/US-26/US-287. Continue to follow US-26. 85.7 mi
  14. Turn RIGHT onto W BROADWAY AVE/W BROADWAY/US-189/US-191/US-26/US-89. 1.3 mi
  15. 1075 W BROADWAY is on the RIGHT.

FROM BOISE, ID 5 hours 40 minutes / 368.01 miles  

  1. Start out going SOUTHEAST on W GROVE ST toward S 6TH ST. 0.0 mi
  2. Turn RIGHT onto S 6TH ST. 0.2 mi
  3. Turn LEFT onto W MYRTLE ST/US-20 E/US-26 E. 0.6 mi
  4. Turn RIGHT onto S BROADWAY AVE/US-20/US-26. 2.8 mi
  5. Merge onto I-84 E via the ramp on the LEFT toward MOUNTAIN HOME/TWIN FALLS. 166.9 mi
  6. Merge onto I-86 E via the exit on the LEFT toward I-15/POCATELLO. 62.6 mi
  7. Merge onto I-15 N via EXIT 63B on the LEFT toward BLACKFOOT/IDAHO FALLS. 46.5 mi
  8. Take the I-15-BL/US-20-BR exit, EXIT 118, toward US-20 W/HISTORIC DOWNTOWN. 0.2 mi
  9. Turn RIGHT onto W BROADWAY ST/I-15 BL/US-20 BR. 0.8 mi
  10. Turn LEFT onto N YELLOWSTONE HWY/US-20 BR/US-26. Continue to follow US-26 W. 43.3 mi
  11. Turn LEFT onto ID-31. 20.9 mi
  12. Turn RIGHT onto S MAIN ST/ID-33. Continue to follow ID-33 (Crossing into WYOMING). 5.4 mi
  13. ID-33 becomes WY-22. 17.6 mi
  14. Turn LEFT onto W BROADWAY/W BROADWAY AVE/US-189/US-191/US-26/US-89. 0.1 mi
  15. 1075 W BROADWAY is on the LEFT.

Great value

Reasonably priced, pet-friendly, with a fully equipped kitchen, the Pony Express is a real find in Jackson. It is an easy one-mile drive from the center of Jackson so you can enjoy the town yet escape when the crush of tourists gets too much.

Richard – TripAdvisor

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